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Welcome to Cookie Nook & Downeast Cheesecakes!

The merger of two great local companies, Cookie Nook Bakery and Downeast Cheesecakes.  Cookie Nook Bakery  purchased Downeast Cheesecakes from it's original owners in May of 2018.  Cookie Nook & Downeast Cheesecakes is still baking the same great products from both companies using our own recipes and baking everything from scratch.  We create custom cookies, cheesecakes in a jar, candies, edible cookie dough pops and more.   If you don't have a sweet tooth you can always join us at our storefront for breakfast and lunch. We know the importance of fresh high-end flavors at budget friendly prices and make this our top priority.        We can bake you happy!

-Vanessa Young, Owner/Baker-

-Dan Spoon, Owner-


Retail Bakery License

Commercial Bakery License

ServSafe Certification

Certified Wilton Method Instructor

Professional Memberships


Maine Grain Allaince

Icing Smiles

Where to get our products?

Visit our storefront at:
3 Camp Hill Road in Cherryfield

Acadia Provisions- Ellsworth

Morton's Moo- Ellsworth

Dorr Lobster- Ellsworth/Bangor

The Local Variety- Bucksport

Unity Shop n Save- Unity

Bayside Shop n Save- Milbridge

4 Corner's Shop n Save- Columbia

Columbia Falls General Store- Columbia Falls

123 Main Street Restaurant- Northeast Harbor (seasonally)

Blaze- Bar Harbor (seasonally)

Rose Eden- Bar Harbor (seasonally)

Chipman's Wharf- Milbridge (seasonally)