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Cake & Candy Classes

Intro to Cake Decorating (1 class, 3 hours)

This is a hands on quick introductions to the cake decorating world. Participants will learn how to prepare buttercream, simple decorating techniques, and be introduced to fondant.

Icing Fun for Kids (1 class, 3 hours)

This workshop is designed to introduce kids to the fun of cake decorating. They will use decorating tools, icing and pre-made cookies to create their own decorated treats. The instructor will walk them through each step, demonstrate the basic techniques and assist them as they practice and decorate their treats.

Cupcake Crazy (1 class, 3 hours)

These favorite childhood treats have come a long way! This class will help you make you cupcakes more flavorful and fun than ever before. See how easy and fun cupcakes can be.

  • Learn exciting flavors and fun fillings
  • Create fun, sophisticated cupcakes for any occasion
  • Learn to use different icing techniques and fondant

Creative Cookies (2 classes, 3 hours each)

Take homemade cookie decorating to the next level with this cookie class.

  • Proper mixing and baking methods
  • Prepare the perfect cookie decorating icing
  • Learn how to make stacked cookies
  • Assemble a cookie bouquet for gifts or centerpieces
  • Take home your cookie project to enjoy!

Candy Making for Beginners (1 class, 3 hours) 

Have you ever seen a beautifully decorated homemade candies and think “I wish I could do that”? Learn the basics of candy making to turn ordinary foods into an edible works of art in this fun and tasty workshops. Rather you’re a novice, amateur or semiprofessional; we have a class for you.

Gingerbread House (1 class, 3 hours)

Learn how to build a beautiful and completely edible gingerbread house. Students will

  • Learn to assemble gingerbread houses
  • Basic decorating techniques with frosting
  • Decorating with candy

Decorating with Icing (6 weeks)

This cake workshop is packed full of everything from cake preparation to creating the perfect icing. In this class you will learn the new skills and leave with a dazzling new repertoire of decorating techniques to show your friends and family.

  • Learn tricks to bake great cakes; learn to correctly level, torte, fill and stack cakes like a professional
  • Learn to prepare Butter cream and Royal icing. The difference between the two and when to properly use each.
  • Techniques covered included filling cupcakes, cake transfers, texturing cakes, and icing tinting & striping.
  • Take the mystery out of drop flowers, roses, ribbon roses, pansies, cake boarders, dimensional piping and more.
  • Learn to create leaves and stems for beautiful floral sprays.

Fondant & Gum Paste Fun! (6 weeks)

Get ready to take your cake decorating to the next level.

  • Learn the difference between fondant and gum paste and when to use them
  • Cover a real cake with fondant, then add amazing accents
  • Learn coloring, marbling and painting techniques
  • Flowers- roses. Calla lilies, daisies, sweet pea, and more
  • Learn leaves, bows and borders
  • Overlays, in lays and cut outs