Cookie Nook Bakery

We bake customers happy!


Dessert Buffets

A dessert buffet provides guests with an amazing array of sweets. Buffets can be sophisticated and fun. Pick your sweet tooth pleasures hand pies, cookies, cheesecake pops,  candy and more!

Cake & Candy Classes

Have you ever seen a beautifully decorated cakes or homemade candies and think “I wish I could do that”? Learn how in our fun and tasty workshops. Rather you’re a novice, amateur or semi professional; we have a class for you.

Wholesale Business Accounts

Do you have a retail shop or food service business? Let the Cookie Nook do your baking. We offer cookies and candies packaged for resale or you can add them to your menu. Baking services using customer recipes is also available, contact us today.

Business Rewards

It's a fact that your people are critical to the success of your enterprise. Now you can give a Cookie Nook gift of profound deliciousness. Whether you work at a large corporation or run a small business, our gift program helps build and reward lasting relationships with your clients, prospects and employees. Our freshly baked gourmet cookies, not only taste incredible, but are packaged to create a lasting impression of you and your company. Everyone likes to be remembered and recognized: birthdays, employment anniversaries, trade shows, employee incentives/recognition or gifts to prospective clients.

Build relationships. Reward performance. Say 'Thank you'.

Be remembered long after the last crumb is gone.

Our Cookies + Your Company = A Winning Combination